Staff of Nicator

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The Staff of Nicator is a legendary relic that was first gifted to Nicator, founder of the Seleucarian Empire, by the Logos. It was later wielded by Catarin deSangre in the Wars of Succession. Since then, the Staff has served as the prize awarded to the champion of each semicentennial celebration of the Empire's fall.

Physically, the Staff spans a length of about six feet and is carved from the finest golden wood. Ancient, intricate carvings wreathe one half of the staff, while the other is polished to a smooth sheen. The head is adorned in a variety of precious jewels, bringing the weight of the staff to five pounds. The abilities granted by the Staff of Nicator are ever-changing and vary according to the person who wields it at any given time. It is said that these powers work by magnifying the extant qualities of the Staff's wielder.

Bearers of the Staff

# Name Received Powers granted
1 Nicator 800 BF Inspiration of loyalty in followers, increase in the power of entire troops, the power to heal large numbers of people
2 Catarin deSangre 400 BF Teleportation to anyone of royal blood, opening army-sized wormholes, healing major wounds upon oneself, and a magical weapon against the Tsol'teth
3 Parni deSangre 0 BF Immediate obliteration of enemies, summoning of monsters, immolation of itself and its bearer
4 Isildur 200 AF unknown
5 Shakti Devi 300 AF unknown
6 Roncli Op'Shae 350 AF unknown
7 Reiye Wildfang 400 AF unknown
8 Jaizsur Ta'sa 450 AF unknown
9 Rangor Corten 500 AF unknown
10 Penwize Baker 550 AF unknown
11 Sothantos de l'Evanoir 600 AF unknown
12 Jhui Ta'sa 650 AF unknown
13 Jarrod Dracrotalus 700 AF unknown
14 Tesha al Ashtad 750 AF unknown
15 Farrah Roualt 802 AF* unknown
16 Crixos Nithilar 852 AF* unknown
  • The 800 AF Championship games were delayed due to the Third Black Wave.