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Trolls are known for their brute strength and large size

Members of the Troll race are tall, slender, and strong humanoids. They are the product of the union between Gruul, leader of the Mercenaries of Arn hired by Prospero during the War of Humanity, his bodyguards, and some particularly adventurous human women. Their ancestral home of Kasmarkin was sunk into the Mannaseh Swamp long ago.

Trolls have since dispersed all over Sapience, establishing outposts in wetlands such as Qurnok or in the farflung flooded caverns of Riagath.

Physically Trolls have a metabolism completely different from humans and are only slightly less intelligent. Their dependence on their physical gifts has, however, made them less magically adept than other races. Nevertheless, during the Wars of Succession, troll mercenary legions were said to contain mages, thus disproving the theory held by many that trolls are not intelligent enough to wield magic. In modern times, trolls have often been the generals of armies for their aggressive nature serves them well in war.

Trolls are very tall and strong, with most reaching a mature height of seven feet or more. They often have strong or heavy facial features, coupled with a hulking or burly stature that can contribute to an unfavourable stereotype. Their skin has a grey cast to it, sometimes greenish in tone, although very human-like shades have been seen. Consistent with their human ancestry, their hair and eye colour spans a broad range, though yellow eyes - unusual in humans - are common among trolls.

Racial Specialisations

Specialisation Str Dex Con Int
Unspecialised 13 12 12 11
Mercenary 15 12 12 10
Interceptor 13 14 11 11
Defender 13 11 14 11
Seer 12 12 12 13

Racial Skills

Descendants of Arn are:

  • Resistant to ELECTRICAL damage.
  • Have a chance to stun on blunt attacks.