Year 300

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In the Year 300 celebrations, the Occultist Shakti Devi dominated the competition by coming out on top in the Quiz and Egghunt, placing second in the Joke Contest and Combat Triplets Tournament, and a respectable eighth in the XP Event. Her mastery of Achaean skills brought her an easy victory, and with it the coveted Staff of Nicator.

Overall Year 300 Scores

Ranks 1-7
Rank Adventurer Total Y3C Points
1 Shakti 41.0
2 Jerle 29.0
4 Jarik 19.0
5 Jakar 17.0
6 Vand 15.0
7 Brinn 13.5

Ranks 8-10
Adventurer Total Y3C Points
Rick 10.0
Andelas 10.0
Zero 10.0
Rivalyn 10.0
Aringar 10.0
Faunus 10.0
Josiah 10.0

Adventurer Total Y3C Points
Tylin 9.0
Estach 9.0
Saruman 8.5
Fostrow 8.0
Stee 8.0
Kail 8.0
Deonymus 8.0
Loak 7.0
Grimsblade 7.0
Davien 7.0
Joseph 7.0
Tarlin 6.5
Dirgath 6.0
Madena 6.0
Tay 6.0
Drakul 6.0
Tamriel 6.0
Kellenia 5.0
Ren 5.0
Sophia 5.0
Vorleth 4.5
Tranox 4.5
Karigan 4.5
Aldair 4.5
Malaclypse 3.0
Orina 3.0
Ciaran 3.0
Ysbaddaden 2.0
Tieg 2.0
Slie 2.0
Par 2.0
Apoc 2.0
Ciries 2.0
Kongol 1.0
Morlana 0.5
Annie 0.5
Lucas 0.25
Grellk 0.25
Shylmysten 0.25
Arcos 0.25

Quiz Results

Rank Adventurer Quiz Score Y3C Points
1 Shakti 51 10
2 Jerle 41 8.5
3 Saruman 41 8.5
4 Jakar 40 7
5 Josiah 37 6
6 Vorleth 33 4.5
7 Brinn 33 4.5
8 Yeshua 31 3
9 Malaclypse 30 2
10 Morlana 27 .5
11 Annie 27 .5

Tumble Race Results

(over a series of 5 races of increasing difficulty)

Rank Adventurer Tumble Race Score Y3C Points
1 Rick 38 10
2 Yeshua 35 9
3 Vand 24 8
4 Tarlin 23 6.5
5 Jerle 23 6.5
6 Tranox 18 4.5
7 Aldair 18 4.5
8 Tieg 17 2
9 Slie 17 2
10 Par 17 2

Egghunt Results

Rank Adventurer Egghunt Score Y3C Points
1 Shakti 489 10
2 Brinn 440 9
3 Jerle 376 8
4 Vand 368 7
5 Madena 354 6
6 Yeshua 274 4.5
7 Karigan 274 4.5
8 Orina 243 3
9 Ysbaddaden 223 2
10 Malaclypse 183 1

Combat Tournament Results

Rank Team Y3C Points
1st Andelas, Zero, and Rivalyn 10
2nd Shakti, Estach, and Jarik 9
3rd Fostrow, Stee, and Kail 8
4th Davien, Jakar, and Joseph 7
5th Jerle, Tay, and Drakul 6
6th Faunus, Kellenia, and Ren 5

Joke Contest Results

Rank Adventurer
1 Jarik
2 Shakti
3 Deonymus
4 Loak
5 Tamriel
6 Sophia
7 Josiah
8 Jakar
9 Ciries
10 Tie: Lucas, Grellek, Shylmysten, and Arcos

Jarik's Joke

One day, in the near future, Sarapis summons one person from every city to his temple (save for Cyrene becauses they are too secluded and don't actively participate in the city wars).

Sarapis says, "I will grant each of you one wish to make your city greater in some way. However, you may not ask to directly 'dominate' or 'obliterate' the world, nothing along those lines."

Aringar, the Hashanite, says, "Well, I would like a personal bashing area in Hashan. I mean it is very annoying having all those novice bashers in the way."

Sarapis says, "I can feel for that, sure."

Charlotte, the Shallamite says, "Yes, I'd like for Ashtan to receive a personal corpse generator, so they can stop using us."

Sarapis chuckles, and nods his head sagely.

Shakti, the Ashtanite, whispers something to Sarapis and a white light shoots down to Shallam's heart, and a small thud is heard, but nothing happens. Sarapis disperses the group and Charlotte immediately rushes off to see what it was. All of a sudden, a huge explosion comes and all of Shallam is destroyed.

Later, Deven asks Shakti what she said to Sarapis, and Shakti replies, "I told him to put a chest saying do not touch in Shallam."

Shakti's Joke

An intrepid adventurer is roaming around in Azdun when suddenly he is surrounded by goblins. He attempts to flee but is soon cornered, and decides that he is doomed and to accept his fate.

When suddenly, a voice from above resonates, "Not yet! Slay their leader!" With cat-like reflexes, the adventurer leaps forward and kills said leader. And the soul of Calhoun says, "Ok, that is so overpowered."

Deonymus' Joke

Whilst adventuring in Azdun one day, Sun came upon a zombie that had wandered away from it's guard post. "Look at meeee!", it said, a piece of lip falling to the floor as it spoke.

Sun stared at it, and said, "Ha! You don't scare me! I am the bravestest, bestest in the realms!" And proceeded to newbie-kick it to death.

Later, she came upon a vampire, who howled at her frighteningly, "I shall suck your blooood!" "Ha!", Sun replied, "I fear nothing! I have the immortal Violet here, and she is so amazing we call her 'Ultra-Violet!" and pointed Violet at the vampire, who screamed and crumbled to dust.

Exploring further, she came upon a huge mirror in a large empty room. Gazing into the mist, she screamed at the vile vision before her, and ran in fear out of the dungeon, colliding with a young Infernal at the top of the well. "Don't go in there! I tried, but that apparition in the mirror was too hideous for me to stand!" The Infernal novice scratched his head at Sun fled as far away from the Dungeon as she could, "But... I thought I just let Glomshaul out?" he said, staring at a small red mallet in his hands.

Loak's Joke

Two friends, Nylo and Jereo, were inseperable. Nylo was extremely compassionate, and everyone liked him. Jereo, however, was eternally getting into mischief, and did not get along with anyone other than Nylo.

One day one of Jereo's escapades offended the Logos himself, and Sarapis turned Jereo into a shrub. Nylo went to visit his friend every week, but always left before the end of the day.

One day Jereo commented on this, and asked why Nylo never stayed the night. Nylo replyed "I was worried you, being a shrub, wouldn't have any food suitable for me, and I didn't want to complain."

The shrub named Jereo replied "don't worry, I can rustle up some grub!"

Tamriel's Joke

One day during an especially grueling training session, de druid teacher got mad at his student and yelled at him for his inability to pay attention. After de teacher finished his rant he stormed out. De student who was in tears, danks to de threats made by de teacher, went to seek solace in his friend, an older druid. De older druid friend, in response to poor little druid, says "Dont worry me lil druid, dat teacher is transcendent in groves but only gifted in metamorphosis, so his "bark" is worse den his "bite."

Experience Event Results

Rank Adventurer XP Y3C Points
1 Aringar 23034655 10
2 Tylin 20341742 9
3 Yeshua 19832251 8
4 Lucien 18649805 7
5 Dirgath 17814929 6
6 Faunus 13732395 5
7 Aldair 18 4
8 Shakti 11937541 3
9 Ciaran 11101651 2
10 Apoc 10640817 1
11 Kongol 9835615 0
12 Jukka 9238118 0
13 Ayla 7949072 0
14 Koralin 7613930 0
15 Elohim 7140798 0
16 Nightcrawler 7094746 0
17 Jupiter 6955165 0
18 Niggurath 6384051 0
19 Mulkerrin 6082479 0
20 Proficy 5994165 0

Capture the Flag Results

Rank Organisation Score
1 Oakstone 12900
2 Ashtan 3275
3 Shallam 1119
4 Hashan 105
5 Cyrene 78