Scales of Justice

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The Scales of Justice is a constellation sacred to Miramar, Goddess of Justice.

Years after the close of the Chaos Wars, Miramar was approached by a prophet named Ric'sua who told Her of a vision of the future that depicted the events of Death's Heart and the subsequent self-sacrifice of Deucalion. With this foreknowledge in mind, She placed a tablet with Ric'sua's prophecy within a sealed altar in Delos, which at the time was the site of the Chrysalis Basilica and seat of the Church. As She was still burdened by having had to judge Her brethren Agatheis, Khalas, and Lorielan, She began to rest within the Garden until such a time that She was needed.

Millennia later, the dispersal of Deucalion's essence following His sacrifice proved the catalyst that caused Miramar's awakening. Sartan, sensing Miramar's return and with it Her realm of justice, twisted and burned Her holy scales and cast them across the continent. One was claimed by Geh'shya, the black dragon of Belladona, while the other was hidden by Lachesis, once-ally of the Tsol'teth.

Lady Aurora sent a vision to Her priestess Dawn, who instructed a mortal by the name of Crius to head to Delos. As he arrived there, the prophecy was fulfilled and the wall crumbled, revealing Miramar to the gathered Crius, Maran, Vertigo, and Taranis. The adventurers went on to recover the holy scales, whereupon Miramar placed them in the celestial vault as an eternal reminder of the return of Justice.

Years later, when Prince Slith, Lord of the Undead Legions imprisoned Miramar upon Miranus and began sapping away Her essence, the stars of this constellation began to wink out one by one. When Her essence was finally restored, the stars reclaimed their former glory in the heavens.