Belladona (vampiress)

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This page is about the vampiress. For other uses, please see Belladona (disambiguation).

Belladona, Queen of Vampires, is the self-styled queen of the undead vampire race. Around the Burning Times and for some time thereafter, she reigned as a human countess of Ashtan. Her quest for immortality was ongoing; she even went so far as to journey to the Vampire Lord, Zsarachnor, who raped her in turn. Aside from magnifying her already-ill will toward men, it was by this event that she became pregnant with Lord Luxsyth, the self-styled founder of the Occultists Guild.

During the Burning Times, she took the beseiged Danaeus and other occultists under her wing and convinced them to abandon their Occultism in favour of Necromancy, using them as pawns in her pursuit of immortality. Though still leery due to the recent Shakira Effect, they eventually hit upon the Soulcage Experiment but would not let Belladona use them as guinea pigs. Frustrated, she performed the experiment upon herself, which backfired and turned her into an undead vampiress. She swore her allegiance to Twilight and went on a rampage, taking the lives of many occultists in an orgy of blood before finally being driven out of Ashtan.

Today, Belladona resides in a keep at the foot of the eastern Granite Hills through a shallow wooded valley in the Northern Plains. She keeps within arm's reach Derryk, the Eunuch, as well as her four vampiric handmaidens - Ephesia, Eritrea, Malorea, and Minoria.

Belladona is also known as the Slut of the Underworld, the Succubus, the Mistress of Darkness, and other such pleasant monikers.