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Miramar, the Goddess of Justice
Realm Justice and Judgement
Symbols Silver scales of Justice, Scales Constellation
Relatives None
Allies Pentharian, Mithraea
Enemies None
Order Name None
Temples Astraeus, within Pash Valley; Miranus

Miramar, the Even-handed was the Goddess of Justice. Her realm encompassed not only Justice, but also Judgement. Justice, represented by the Scales of Justice, determines what the proper order of things should be and what actions are offensive against the natural order of Creation. Judgement, represented by the Sword of Judgement, is the rectifying of the wrong.


Miramar was created by Ayar as an Elder Goddess, Miramar headed the Tribunal at the end of the War of Humanity. Heavy with sorrow from the judging of Her peers, She rested from Her labours for millennia, awakening only upon the death of Deucalion, the Just.

Miramar's preference gradually shifted from solidly neutral leanings towards nobler aspirations over the years. In time She pledged Herself to the aims of the Te'Serran Alliance in Their patronage of the city of Shallam.

In Glacian 610 AF, the growing power of the rogue god Bal'met brought the need for a united front against him to the fore. Ourania, Matsuhama, Miramar, Pentharian, Aegis, Pandora, and Daedalus assaulted the forces of Krenindala in order to retreive Hermes and seek revenge for Kastalia's death. The battle was going well when Daedalus found Hermes, but Bal'met had set a trap. Hermes' corrupted essence was released, triggering a titanic wave of power that not only snuffed out his life but that of Miramar, Matsuhama, and Daedalus.

Divine Order

The Astraeans, also known as the Order of Justice, made their home first in the Southern Vashnars and then in Pash Valley.

Divine Symbols

Miramar's most holy symbol was that of the silver Scales of Justice, its balance only swayed by acts of the Just and Unjust.