Petite ceramic urn

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The many eight-inch petite ceramic urns introduced during the 694 AF fair of Adryn's Keep contain the spirits of champion's steeds from across the lands. Rubbing an urn summons one of twelve spectral mounts for twenty-four days at a time. In addition to being a temporary mount, each of the steeds can be given the order "go home" to instantly carry their rider across the lands.

 Animal                    Home
 A giant spectral owl      Actar
 A phantom grizzly bear    Bitterfork
 A hulking phantom spider  Darkenwood
 A mighty ghost basilisk   Aalen Forest
 A phantom ankheg          Azdun Forest
 A ghost mule              Moghedu
 A phantom sea turtle      Shastaan
 A phantom jaguar          New Hope
 A phantom donkey          Delos
 A mammoth apparition      The Frozen Tundra
 A spectral gorilla        Dun Valley
 A phantom harp seal       Sea Lion Cove