Adryn's Keep

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Adryn's Keep
Leader Lord Adryn
Founder The first Lord Adryn
Discoverer Iocun

Adryn's Keep and the surrounding valley are home to a small feudal community led by the Lord Adryn and his wife, the Lady Adryn. The keep is set within a secluded valley in the Putoran Hills, divided from the southern Zaphar River by thick forest, and surrounded by an immense stone wall. To the east of the keep lie the stark cliffs of the mighty Eastern Ocean. The sweepingly high escarpment of those cliffs prevents the keep from being seen from the ocean.


Within the fertile valley, numbers of serfs work the land, cultivating grapes, corn, wheat, apples, pumpkins, potatoes, and assorted vegetables under the watchful eye of Skelash, the bailiff.

In the southern portion of the valley a large stable has been built for horses, attached to an open training ground for Lord Adryn's knights. In the forest behind it the stable keeper, Ageysh, maintains a cottage. Facing the valley's apple orchard, Caurnn, the blacksmith, maintains a shop. Past the keep to the north there is a small mill, powered by a stream flowing from within the forest, maintained by Ghaban, the miller.

The keep itself, resting in the northern part of the valley, is decorated by yellow flags with purple crosses, and represents a formidable military fortification. Among some of its notable features are extensive kitchens run by Ryina, a bakery overseen by Ashkal, a well-stocked wine cellar frequently visited by the roguish serf Adelo, and a respectable library. The Lord's hall is upstairs, as are the chambers of Lady Adryn, Sodiha, Denod, and Radlar. Zidach, Adryn's Champion, can be found upstairs in the quarters of the Lord's loyal knights. The keep also holds a markedly less elegant set of chambers for the serfs in the basements of the building.


The keep was originally founded generations ago by the first Lord Adryn, who wished to create a community isolated from the evils of the outside world. It was not until 428 AF that the outside world learned of its existence, when a dying scout shared its location with a group of adventurers -- Iocun was the first to find it. The current Lord Adryn, beset by a group of raiders led by Berel, made the decision to open the keep to outsiders with the hope of gaining support for his cause.

Though they dutifully accept their Lord's decree, many of the inhabitants retain a high level of distrust for visitors to their sheltered lands. Adventurers moving through Adryn's Keep should not be surprised to meet with suspicion, and occasionally even hostility.

The royal Rajamalan family, last of their line from the unknown origin of their race, hid here in secret for centuries. Led by Anksheptut, their discovery played a part in the rebirth of Babel, Lord of Oblivion.

Aside from its medieval feudal system of governance, Adryn Keep is perhaps otherwise best known for its Adryn Keep Tournament, a festival of intercity-state contests and challenges sponsored by the noble family.


The Forest

The Valley

The Keep

The valley is also inhabited by numerous serfs and their children, as well as a handful of scouts and knights in the service of Lord Adryn.