Jaguars (animal)

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This page is about the big cat. For other uses, see Jaguars (disambiguation).

Jaguars are large, spotted cats native to the subtropical and tropical jungles. The predacious cat closely resembles the leopard, but is usually larger and sturdier with its muscular limbs and fearsome roar. Skilful at climbing, leaping, and swimming, its athletic build and sharp claws facilitate its carnivorous diet.

Agitated jaguar

Upsettable and upsetting jaguars with a ferocious bite roam Lupine Hunting Grounds.

Sleek jaguar

The aggressive big cats of the Barony of Dun Valley.

Spotted jaguar

The secretive jaguars of the rainforest of Shala-Khulia.

Myrinian jaguar

The lithe felines of Myrinia shadow the maids and maidens of that village, animal protectors with watchful gazes.


Given its historical distribution in tribal areas, the jaguar has featured prominently in the mythology of numerous indigenous cultures, such as the city of Shala-Khulia and village of Myrinia. The jaguar spirit of Shala-Khulian legend is the patron protector of that island rainforest.