Dancing Dryad Tavern

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The Dancing Dryad Tavern is located on the pirate island of Mysia. Favian, the Troll bartender keeps the tavern stocked with the mouth-watering pork and chicken dishes cooked up by Steele, the cook, as well as rum and fruit wine. Greybeard rests in the tavern, ready to tell tales of his adventures to those who ask. In the upstairs rooms, Trixy is Madame to the island's prostitutes, girls who are perpetually prepared to enhance one's visit to the area.


Blackened metal mug (rum) - 100gp
This squat creation of blackened metal engraved with decorative rings is a perfect receptacle for every pirate's true love - rum. A small lip of metal curls downwards and gives the top of the mug a smooth mouth from which the contents can be sipped. An absence of a handle allows this mug to fit snugly into a hand, ensuring that nary a drop will be spilt from careless carousing.
Barrel-shaped tankard (ale) - 20gp
This solid tankard is fashioned like a barrel and is made of oak staves fastened by birch hoops. The base of the tankard is wide and tapers a small fraction to a large mouth, constructed to allow large portions of ale to be swallowed at once. A large handle juts from the side, solid enough that even a Trollish hand can grab the tankard without fear of breaking it.
Dark-grained wooden flute (shark's blood) - 30gp
Dark palm trees have been used to create this gorgeous flute. Used to hold festive beverages, the natural grain of the wood has been buffed to a high shine, accenting small lines of gold running through the treated wood. Not nearly as delicate as its glass cousin, these flutes are made for the heartier sort who enjoys small touches of finery in their lives.
Plate of succulent jerk pork - 80gp
This juicy dish of flavourful pork marinated in a jerk sauce is a Mysian staple. Slow-cooked to tender perfection, this delicious dish is a simple culinary masterpiece. Garnished with curls of shaved coconut and served with a side of savoury banana chutney, this appetizing meal is suitable for even the most epicurean palette.
Coconut shell cup (fruit wine) - 30gp
Half of a coconut shell has been ingeniously turned into a cup. Cleaved by a sharp knife, the edges of the shell are buffed smooth to prevent any accidental injuries. The prickly texture of the shell has been left intact, allotting a design to the simple cup while the interior is smooth and polished creating a seamless container. A wedge of pineapple speared by a tiny wooden umbrella garnishes the drink, adding a tropical flavour and touch to the beverage.
Plate of glazed pineapple chicken - 80gp
Salty-sweet describes this fragrant dish of chargrilled chicken. Cooked chunks of tangy pineapple and hot peppers swim in the sweet sauce that glazes the meat. Island spices add a piquant kick to the tender fowl while a side of coconut rice soothes away the spicy burn.