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Cassian, a blue-robed mage possessed of an almost feminine countenance, was rescued by a band of pirates from a sinking ship. In this manner, he came to know Kelley, the mayor of Mysia, and reside upon the notorious pirates' island. Though Kelley may have had more superficial plans at first, a passionate love has grown between the two, and Cassian is staunchly loyal to his mate.

When Cassian was first rescued from the grip of the sea, his beauty caused the crew to mistake him for a young woman. None were more surprised than the pirate Kavan (who had been the most eager to insist he have "first dibs" with the pretty mage) to find that this beautiful Tsol'aa was actually a man. However, Kavan's desire for Cassian has not lessened since that time.

Cassian spends his time lounging outside the Dancing Dryad Tavern and does not hesitate to deal firmly with interlopers that threaten the safety of his lover or her loyal crew.