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Lupus, Wild God of the Beasts
Realm Nature, the Hunt
Symbols a white wolf
Relatives None
Allies None
Enemies None
Order Name the Lupine Pack
Temples Temple of the Hunt and the Lupine Hunting Grounds, the Northreach Forest

Lupus, Wild God of the Beasts was the God of the untamed wilds. Walking by His side was Grimaldrin, the long time hunting companion of Lupus, whilst the favoured children of Lupus, lycanthropes and otherwise, dwelled within the Lupine Hunting Grounds.


The Elder God Lupus was created by Ayar at the beginning of time. Lupus represented the wild, beating heart of nature in its creatures and those who hunt them and so He was also called the Wildfather.

Over the ages Lupus interposed Himself into the affairs of mortals. For a period he served as patron of the city of Ashtan, later going on to patron the Council of Oakstone as well the House of the Arcane Kindred.

During the War of the Worldreaver, in order to rescue Hermes, Lupus and Kastalia charged the battleground upon Krenindala. Kastalia was slain and Lupus survived only through a dramatic rescue by His lover, Selene; the Love Goddess immediately sedated Him in Her sanctuary in the Temple of Beauty to heal from His grievous wounds. Meaning to finish the deed, Bal'met later attacked the sleeping Lupus but was foiled by Selene again. The Worldreaver slew the Goddess and - sated on Her essence - abandoned His pursuit of the dormant deity. Lupus slept untroubled for two hundred years.

Baying and yowls rose from the Lupine Hunting Grounds in the winter of 843 when the Wildfather arose from his long hibernation to renew His hunt. Mourning His slain lover, the Elder deity heedlessly scoured life from the corners of Achaea in a blood-frenzied rage for months. His failed attempt to resurrect Selene from Memory caused traumatic recollection from the War of the Worldreaver to take on tragic life of its own, bringing new horrors to adventurers and denizen alike. Backed by Gaia, Artemis would rise to try to contain the addled Wild God in the following year, culminating in a duel to the death between Hunter and Huntress. The cosmos became rent with catastrophe as each God brought their full powers to bear. When Lupus launched a final, furious charge upon the Anachaine Goddess, She braced Her spear with all of Her might. Artemis was successful; clarity returned to the Wild God as He died, though Artemis perished from Her wounds soon after.

The Lupine Pack

The Chosen of Lupus were called the Lupine Pack. The Lupine hunters elevated the track and the kill to religious levels. For the Chosen, the animalistic essence of Lupus pervaded but also transcended the savagery of the wilderness, permeating the ritualistic culture of the Hunt. From the enchanting song of Lupine offering to the bibulous escapades of celebrating hunters to the wondrous depths of Tomaculan tapestry-making; it was also here, in the refinement of mortal religion that the Spirit of Lupus dwelled, allowing those worthy of His blessing to be lost in the hypnotic pleasures of the Hunt.

Showing undying loyalty to their brothers and sisters of the pack, each considered the other an extremity of a greater whole; their hearts said to be so woven together that no external force could sever their packbond.

Divine Symbols

The symbol of Lupus was that of a wolf.