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Scorpions are found in the warm, dry areas of Achaea. The creatures are known to carry a vicious sting, and some even attack without provocation.

The following is a list of locations of scorpions as well as the scorpion types.

Caves in the Mhojave Desert
Black Scorpion - Stings with paralysis.
Yellow Scorpion - Stings with paralysis, stupidity
Red Scorpion - Causes paralysis, stupidity, and sets its prey ablaze
Lupine Hunting Grounds
Crimson-hued scorpion - Causes paralysis, breaks limbs, stupidity, and sets its prey ablaze
Obsidian scorpions. Afflict with everything. Ugrach's scorpion afflicts with loki and bleeding.
Zaphar Isle
Scorpion - Afflicts with loki and stuns