Northreach Forest

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The Northreach Forest is a vast and tangled forest of evergreens located in the north of Sapience, beyond the Granite Hills and Dardanic Grasslands. To journey further north on the continent one must travel through the wilderness; fortunately, several entrances may be found within.

Through the southwestern portion of the forest runs the icy Bitterflow River, which flows from a misty, silver lake further north. Deep within can be found the temple of Lupus, beyond which lies the Lupine Hunting Grounds. Also hidden within the dense wood is the entrance to the Darkenwood, and a secret barrow filled with dangerous shadows.

The wildlife that roams the woods is diverse, from the common deer and rabbits found throughout the continent, to wolves and bobcats that enjoy the isolation of the north. Plants in the area include some common herbs and the unique mandrake root. Watching over the forest is the elusive spirit Euterpe, and on occasion one may encounter Esos, the spirit of the Willow, lingering beneath his beloved tree.