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Leader Oberion, King of the Fairies
Discoverer Blujixapug



It should be noted that Annwyn is a 'full PK' zone - you may be attacked by anyone at any time for any reason.

Thoroughly enchanted, and therefore a bit unusual, the plane of Annwyn has long hidden itself from mortal eyes. Ruled by the capricious King Oberion, Annwyn is populated by many races of fairies, sprites, and other beings that have chosen to play puckish games with the races of Sapience. From hiding Camilla's hairbrush to running off with Greybeard's dentures, they have made their presence subtly known with their trickery and mischievous natures.


Separated into many distinct portions, Annwyn is dominated by the drama that brews between the forums of Light and Dark, commonly referred to as Sidhe Court and Unsidhe Court. Absent from the antics of the nobles, the land of Tirfo Thuinn has returned from whence it came, withdrawing itself from Oberion's politics and overseen by the gentle Lady Shaylee.


Sidhe Court The Sidhe Court is the lighter of the three areas that separate the enchanting fairy plane.

  • Oberion, King of the Fairies
  • Rhyannon, Queen of the Fairies

Unsidhe Court

Tirfo Thuinn



Though most of the creatures inhabiting Annwyn welcome visitors into their enchanted world, some have no control over their baser impulses and find their willpower weakest during night-time hours. Entrance into this bewitching terrain is but a skip away, though a word of caution must be given to all zealous travellers: wishes are taboo in Annwyn, and the current generation of fae have long shied away from the magic and wonder that once saturated this fairy land.

Flora and Fauna

Annwyn is populated with myriad creatures natural and unnatural, from the equine kelpies loping beneath the trees to the seal-like selkies playing on the surface of glittering Lake Annwyn. Various other species roam the forests. Wolves, lions, and moon bears watch visitors with keen intelligence in their sad eyes, hinting at tragedy born from the conflict of the fairy plane.