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Ascendant Asria Ze'Dekiah
Triumvirs Arcturus D'Aud'tore and Agramon Danai
Patron Twilight, God of Darkness
Leadership Style Triumvirate
Founder Tharvis Dicondron
City Hashan
Classes Permitted All
House Tutor Brea the Virago
Heraldric Arms None
Icon None

The Somatikos believe strongly in the importance their home plays upon the world stage, and will go to any lengths to keep their way of life secure. They stand alongside their sister House the Krymenian Academy. To an extent they consider the realm at large a part of their protectorate against the dangers of fanaticism and tyranny, and are ever working to further the interests of the Court of Shadows. Guardians of equality, experts of reconnaissance, masters of engineering and craftsmanship, they are a varied team but one that works together seamlessly.


Little information is known regarding the founding of the organisation.

Political History


689 AF - Lord Twilight became the first Patron of the Somatikos.

Leadership - Umbral Guardians

689 AF - The Somatikos were founded by Tharvis.
697 AF - Tyamat replaced Tharvis
699 AF - Kasa replaced Tyamat

Leadership - Council of Adjudicators=

689 AF - Kaila Jinx and Kasa Lighthawk
699 AF - Kaillian and Mosr

Icon History

No icon has yet been raised in honour of the Somatikos.


Brea the Virago is the Somatikos House tutor.