Krymenian Academy

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Krymenian Academy
Ascendant Marra Mor'akova
Triumvirs Ita Danai and Augtavian Lockwood
Patron Twilight, God of Darkness
Leadership Style Triumvirate
Founder Aoghinius, Vayne, Mannimar, Ginovianna
City Hashan
Classes Permitted All
House Tutor Beckett, the Unveiler
Heraldric Arms Per pale Purpure and Sable, a vesica piscis Argent
Icon None

Radical and fearless, members of the Krymenian Academy delve into the unknown to uncover the secrets of the multiverse. By allowing imagination unfettered within the embrace of studious observation and experimentation, they blur the conventions of rationality, striving to overcome mortalkind's greatest adversary: the mind. By mastering all things metaphysical, they stand with the Somatikos to fortify the city of Hashan, their home, against supernatural threats. Not limited by this goal, however, they endeavour to command those same forces and harness them in service to the Court of Shadows, propelling their peers boldly into the future.


The Krymenian Academy was founded on the 20th of Daedalan, 689AF in the wake of the Sundering of the Crown. Motivated by equal parts desperation and opportunity, the Regency gathered the brightest minds of Hashan together in order to establish two new Houses with the intent to not only understand the power that lurked below Hashan but master it. One of these Houses was the Krymenian Academy, founded by Aoghinius Jinx, Ginnovianna Nyxillum, Mannimar de Valois, and Vayne de Valois, in order to discern the secrets of the mysterious Wellspring and ultimately gain dominion over them for the benefit of the newly formed Court of Shadows.

Political History


689 AF - Lord Twilight became the first Patron of the Krymenian Academy.

Leadership - Abyssal Masters

689 AF - The Krymenian Academy was founded by Aoghinius
704 AF - Vayne replaced Aoghinius as Abyssal Master
713 AF - Jasaadi replaced Vayne as Abyssal Master
718 AF - Marra replaced Jasaadi as Abyssal Master

Leadership - Spectral Arbiters

689 AF - Ginovianna and Vayne become the first Spectral Arbiters
697 AF - Trevize replaced Vayne as Spectral Arbiter
700 AF - Hellen replaced Trevize as Spectral Arbiter
703 AF - Vayne replaced Ginovianna as Spectral Arbiter
709 AF - Jasaadi replaced Hellen as Spectral Arbiter
713 AF - Marra replaced Vayne as Spectral Arbiter
724 AF - Mosr replaced Jasaadi as Spectral Arbiter.
725 AF - Valkyn replaced Aoghinius as Spectral Arbiter.
734 AF - Melaina replaced Valkyn as Spectral Arbiter.
737 AF - Ehene replaced Melaina as Spectral Arbiter.
743 AF - Sholen replaced Mosr as Spectral Arbiter.
765 AF - Corina replaced Ehene as Spectral Arbiter.
768 AF - Athalos replaced Corina as Spectral Arbiter.
768 AF - Carlyle replaced Sholen as Spectral Arbiter.
775 AF - Martien replaced Carlyle as Spectral Arbiter.
792 AF - Wicella replaced Athalos as Spectral Arbiter.
811 AF - Kairula replaced Martien as Spectral Arbiter.
812 AF - Argwin replaced Wicella as Spectral Arbiter.
816 AF - Kroac replaced Kairula as Spectral Arbiter.
831 AF - Mannimar replaced Kroac as Spectral Arbiter.
844 AF - Argwin resigns and leaves the House and Hashan
845 AF - Draqoom fills the vacant seat as Spectral Arbiter.
851 AF - Draqoom resigns and leaves the House and Hashan.
851 AF - Ita fills the vacant seat as Spectral Arbiter.
858 AF - Gurklukke replaced Mannimar as Spectral Arbiter.
870 AF - Xemnas replaced Gurklukke as Spectral Arbiter.
877 AF - Augtavian replaced Xemnas as Spectral Arbiter.

Icon History

No icon has yet been raised in honour of the Krymenian Academy.


Beckett, the Unveiler, the House tutor is here. Lisette, the Refiner, is also within the Academy.