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The Psion class was revealed in the year 788AF when the Prime Exarch Zafikel carried out the unmaking of the archangel Yareve, which ultimately resulted in the opening of a way towards the City of Nur, called Saar-elan, the Origin.

By decree of Han-Tolneth, the Dragonmaster, one of the few remaining Aldar, the portal to the city would remain for those wishing to risk the very fabric of their soul in hopes of gaining some smidge of the ancient power commanded by the the elderest race.

In order to begin their study in the ways of the Firstborn's magics, one must make their way up the World Tree, find the portal to the City Forever and climb to the highest circle, where awaits the well of Saar-elan. Only then might one truly learn about the lost arts of Weaving, Psionics, and Emulation.

Abilities in Battlerage

Ability Description
Barbedblade Imperfection for a purpose.
Syntax: WEAVE BARBEDBLADE <target>
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 16.00 seconds
Resource: 14 rage

Weave a viciously barbed blade into being, and open bleeding wounds on your target. They shall suffer periodic damage until the wounds heal.

Devastate The mind is a fragile thing.
Syntax: PSI DEVASTATE <target>
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 23.00 seconds
Resource: 36 rage

Strike out against the mind of your foe, causing damage.

Regrowth Life shall be denied them.
Syntax: ENACT REGROWTH <target>
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 35.00 seconds
Resource: 24 rage

The lost seed of Yggdrasil's powers are miriad and varied. With this attempted replication, you may call forth the binding vines to grasp your foe, preventing them from being able to heal.

Pulverise Respite shall not be granted.
Syntax: WEAVE PULVERISE <target>
Works on/against: Denizens
Resource: 17 rage

Weave a warhammer into being and shatter any magical shield your foe may cower behind.

Whirlwind Destroy them with your onslaught.
Syntax: WEAVE WHIRLWIND <target>
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 23.00 seconds
Resource: 25 rage

With blades into being and deliver a terrible onslaught against your foe, causing massive damage.

Terror Fear is their enemy.
Syntax: PSI TERROR <target>
Gives affliction: Fear
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 38.00 seconds
Resource: 32 rage

With a simple application of psionic might instill a sense of abject terror in your foe, giving them the fear affliction.