Devotion (statistic)

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This page is about the statistic. For other uses, please see Devotion (disambiguation).

Devotion is a kind of power that Priests and Paladins draw on for their abilities in the skill of Devotion. Emanating from the Bloodsworn Gods, and said to be rooted in the force of Good itself, the holy magic of the devout renews within them with each new sunrise, allowing them to perform punative feats and vulnerary miracles. It should be noted that devotion users may not stray from the path of Good, lest the Deacon of Celestia excommunicate them, and as such remove their ability to regenerate devotion.

Devotion is sometimes erroneously referred to as devotional essence. The boost chain artefact the The Shop of Wonders in Delos increases the amount of devotion the owner recovers, and the one-off platinum dragon scale artefact, sold at auction in 541 AF, reduces its owner's devotion usage by half.