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Yareve was an archangel loyal to the Renegades of Celestia who sought transcendence through Saar-elan with the archangel Agadi. Saar-elan rejected the pair, destroying the latter and blasting the former to the boughs of Yggdrasil before the surviving archangel was kidnapped by Iojian slavers. A date for auctioning of the sightless angel was set and the world looked on in excitement and discontent.

Yareve was retrieved by Zafikel a year later, only to meet judgement at the Prime Exarch's pronouncement — Unmaking. The act was more than death — it was a cessation and annihilation of what was, what is, and what would be; an act against the nature of Saar-elan. The memory of Yareve was erased from existence, the strain of the deed tearing a portal to the Veior tier of Yggdrasil, leading adventurers to the first discovery of the Aldar city of Nur.