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(01/12/2016 at 00:01) 
From : Amarisse, Secretary of the Crafting Guild
To : Everyone
Subject: A few notes on cooking designs

Greetings, crafters!

While it would be impossible for me to update you on every little change and revision, you all are very aware that crafting standards evolve, and things that are once acceptable may not be now. Due to recent chatter I overheard on this clan, I have decided to make a short post.

Things like 'mozzarella' cheese - you can describe cheese made from the milk of a buffalo! 'Alfredo' sauce - use cream/cheese/etc sauce. Describe the shape of a pasta, not the OOC name (the name linguini comes from a region in Italy that is not one we can access here so is therefore insane, but you can be creative in describing the shape of the pasta in question). Yes, they were approved before. Now, standards are higher. If you ever have a question, simply ask - though do know constant arguing and nitpicking may have the effect of me becoming tighter with my decisions.

Most items with obviously insane origins can be easily described with a bit of creativity - I have seen many of you do it! Use other crafters as a resource for this if needed.

While some may feel I am trying to make your life miserable, I assure you I am trying to uphold standards so that you all can have very deliciously-described food to create and choose from!

Amarisse, Secretary of the Crafting Guild

Penned by My hand on the 10th of Aeguary, in the year 703 AF.

As per the above post and a subsequent discussion on UUC, and UUC news #339, a list of "Achaeanised" food stuffs and existing denizen food products are to be compiled for the necessary changes and references for future crafting purposes.

An alphabetised list of denizens (and other sources) whose foods need to conform to the new crafting standards:

A small and cosy store in the Actar_Valley
Sells cheese121148, "a chunk of cheddar" cheese described as: Yellow and hard, this chunk of cheese looks only semi-appetising. Its crumbly character indicates that it is probably a bit too dried-out for this type of cheese.
  • Suggestion - Actar goat cheese (the Achaean equivalent to Agios Isidoros, a hard yellow goat cheese)
Artefact wedge of Shamtotan cheddar
  • Suggestion - a wedge of Shamtotan cheese.
Artefact horn of plenty
Produces "a wheel of smoked cheddar"
  • Suggestion - a wheel of smoked cheese
Sells an Arcane Holoburger with guacamole and jalapenos, and a ReubenWarden sandwich with sauerkraut and swiss cheese. The sandwich's long description mentions "Runewarden Reuben".
  • Suggestion -
She has cheddar cheese in her cupboard.
  • Suggestion - remove the word cheddar
The Fire_and_Spice
Sells ocean prawn and linguine in tasso cream, a bowl of humgii jambalaya, a bowl of corn and land crab bisque, duck and andouille spring rolls, a plate of tuna tartare, a large bowl of paradise bird and andouille gumbo, a small platter of liver pate and peppered creole mustard, a highly spiced combination platter (containing boned humgii jambalaya), a vegetarian platter with penne pasta, and land crab etoufee.
  • Suggestion -
The Horseshoe Inn in Petra
Sells a chunk of cheddar cheese.
  • Suggestion - a chunk of Petran cheese.
Hruglar in Enverren Castle
Sells a pair of sauteed frog legs.
  • Suggestion -
Lance at the Ram's_Horn_Bar in Cyrene
Sells a plate of corn chips has "mounds of cheddar cheese"
  • Suggestion - mounds of creamy yellow cheese or mounds of sharp yellow cheese
O'seru in the Aran'riod
Sells peppered elk steak with chile pepper and sauteed peppers and onions, and a bowl of gazpacho with a jalapeno garnish.
  • Suggestion -
Radiant_Shore in Targossas
Sells a stuffed mushroom cap whose description includes "freshly grated parmesan cheese".
  • Suggestion - freshly grated Piraeusan cheese
Jambiya at Tavern_in_the_Port in Tasur'ke
Sells sauteed salmon fillet
  • Suggestion -
The Ugly Humgii
Sells a buffalo steak sandwich with "sautéed onions"
  • Suggestion - fried onions
Rokhoso, chef of the Hoalanatha in Zanzibaar beats people who attack him with a "saute pan"
  • Suggestion - frying pan