Tavern in the Port

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Located in Port Tasur'ke, the Tavern in the Port is run by Jambiya. A warm and dimly lit building made from wood, it shows frequent use from sailors; the large, squared logs that make up the walls are darkly stained, while the hardwood floor is scuffed and dented.


Nautical nourishment:

Plate of fried oysters - 245gp
Emitting tendrils of steam, a sizeable number of delicious-smelling oysters are piled high on top of a wooden plate. Dark batter covers each of the mollusks, which are removed from their shells and fried to perfection. A wedge of lemon sits at the side of the plate, used both for garnish and to flavour the meal as needed.
Bowl of ale-boiled shrimp - 190gp
With shells removed from all but their tails, fresh Tasur'kan shrimp ring the outside lip of this bowl, their heads submerged in a broth of the tavern's specialty ale and diced onions. Steam rises from within, the crisp tang of the ale intermingling with the aroma of the cooked shrimp, hinting at the exquisite flavour of the dish.
Platter of fish and chips - 130gp
A large piece of whitefish sits at one side of a wooden platter, piping hot and surrounded by the mouth-watering aroma of fried seafood. A light, crunchy batter coats the fish, and large wedges of golden fried potatoes sit piled next to the meal, smelling faintly of the oils they were cooked in. At the end of the plate, a sliced piece of lemon is placed for extra flavour if desired.
Sauteed salmon fillet - 350gp
This dish is clearly prepared with the utmost precision. A bed of rice, carefully sculpted into the shape of a hippocampus, the symbol of Captain Maelstrom, holds the fillet itself, and the detail of the rice hippocampus is impressive down to the individual grooves on the caudal fin at the tip of the tail. Nestled gently in the centre is a square wedge of salmon, cooked delicately so as to sear the skin of the fish and yet keep the flesh a moist, pink colour. Drizzled generously across the dish, a jus made from the juices that the salmon was sauteed in combined with white wine and orange juice, gives the meal a light citrus scent that tantalises the taste buds.
Hearty bowl of seafood stew - 160gp
A thick wooden bowl is filled to overflowing with prodigious morsels of seafood. Suckers the size of a child's hand float in a briny green gravy among thick pieces of turtle meat and shark fillet. The stew is topped off with leaves of kelp, draped over and around the well-cooked lumps of sea beast.

Seafaring spirits:

Sea Spray - 60gp
Thin glass tinted a rich cerulean hue forms a slender stem, topped by a round bowl of generous proportions, and a wide round foot to give it stability. The aroma of strawberries and pineapple clings to the glass whether full or empty, and a small paper umbrella rests upon the rim, lending an exotic and festive touch to the cocktail. Cocktail sloshes about in it.
Deep Sea Slammer - 30gp
Coloured a deep cobalt hue, the thick walls of this shot glass are nearly opaque. The inside and rim are smooth and polished, but the outside is etched with a swirling pattern of storm clouds and waves. Whiskey sloshes about in it.
Salty Dog shot - 50gp
Resting in a nondescript shot glass, the mix of liquors in this drink have taken on a deep blue-grey tinge. A layer of white foam froths and sloshes at the top of the beverage like the waxing and waning tides of the eternal sea. A layer of coarse salt rims the edge of the shot glass, and a cold, invigorating ocean breeze glides off the surface off the shot to tickle the palate. Vodka sloshes about in it.
Mug of dark beer - 40gp
A large mug is decorated with a few simple designs burnt into the wood, depicting simplistic waves along the bottom. Smelling strongly of caramel and malt, warm, dark liquid fills the flagon and a very thin layer of froth sits atop the rich fluid. Beer sloshes about in it.