Mirror Caves

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The Mirror Caves are a series of natural caverns located within the Northern Vasnari Mountains on Meropis.

Originally formed from a strange red limestone, the presence of water has encouraged the growth of crystal; so much so that the ceiling and walls are coated with the glassy structures, and travellers must navigate around pillars of it. Quartz can also be found within the limestone walls, their jagged presence a constant reminder that one must step carefully.

Lit by bioluminescent moss and shelf fungi, the caves are home to a number of crystalline creatures such as rockhide basilisks, quartz beetles, crystal georiths. Bioluminescent ooze, rope lichen and plated fernbeasts also reside here - as though the very rocks and plants themselves had become sentient. Scattered throughout the chambers are cubic formations of emerald uvarovite and angular accumulations of black, magnetic magnetite.

The caves are also haunted by jade spiders, depressed spirits and malevolent echoes. The latter two are likely the remains of the ancestors of the Sileg, whose village can be found in the south-western part of the caves, marked by a light-absorbing archway.