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Leader Shah Lavarin Pelendur
Discoverer Grignor Winterwind


The ruins of Morindar lie deep within the mountains northeast of Aran'riod.


It was early in Chronos in the year 409 AF when sounds of weariness and sorrow led a group of adventurers within the darkened eaves of the Northreach Forest to a young Dwarf named Elawhe Greyfounder. Elawhe had travelled there in search of aid and was exhausted from her search. The adventurers offered comfort and nourishment to the desperate traveller until she was able to relate her tale.

Haltingly, she recalled a dark grey place of stone and ruin nestled within the mountains of Northern Sapience. There her companion, Torgath Shalecutter, suffered an injury that trapped him with no way to feed or fend for himself. The Achaeans around her offered their assistance at once, agreeing to do whatever they could to retrieve Torgath from the ruins. Equipped with Elawhe's memories they set out for the ruins of Morindar, an area now accessible as the Wall of Power had mysteriously receded further north.

Grignor was the first of the scouts to enter the newly discovered area. He was followed by eagle-eyed Delphinus who found the hidden entrance to a concealed series of caverns, and Taril who sleuthed a way into the even deeper crypts that swarmed with half-dead creatures of darkness and decay.

Hyano, who had struck out on his own, located Torgath who lay incapacitated with a broken leg near a strange sarcophagus. Elawhe joined them and, once Torgath's broken leg was repaired, the young couple returned to their estranged home of Inbhir Ness.

The history of the dead city of Morindar is linked to the history of the Tsol'dasi families who rule it, tied with their distant homeland of Istarion.



Morindar is a dark and foreboding place saturated with both mystery and death. The ruthless Shah Lavarin Pelendur rules the ghostly remnants of once-noble families that haunt the ruins.

Flora and Fauna

The caverns and crypts of Morindar are swarmed with half-dead creatures of darkness and decay. On the ground level, armoured nahar spiders wander the ruins on their eight bristled legs and shimmering gloomwing moths float silently over the rubble. Occasionally, a culuma slime will ooze up from the lower ruins. Beneath the decaying stonework can be found a host of dark beings and creatures including specimens of the hunch-backed feyr, sarcuva demons, cursed revenants, hideous nel'dorathi, elusive feral gangrels, quorins, cave hunter bats, stone gargoyles, and corpulent rilma worms.