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Leader Kirithrandir Avathar'an, the King of Istarion
Religion Life
Founder Faithful Shepherds (from Tsol'dasi: Tsalaisa Pala'nahk)
Discoverer Alemiorri and Muirne


Istarion, or the City of Stars (from Tsol'dasi: Liehka-raia), is built within the boughs of Istar Jungle, nestled in Anake's Elbow.


At the heart of Istarion, two crownwood trees grow intertwined: one silver and one gold. These ancient trees act as a conduit for a powerful stream of life energy, similar in many respects to the soulbleed nexus of the Underworld. Many centuries ago, the tsol'dasi separated from their brethren, the Tsol'aa, quitting the world of humankind and travelling to the far north. There they discovered the jungle of Istar and founded the city Istarion within the branches of what would come to be called the Two Trees.

Powerfully adept at magic, the Tsol'dasi were able to manipulate the flowing energies of the Two Trees and create the magical Wall of Power to seclude themselves from humanity and the Divine war they had fought on their behalf.

Istarion was suddenly revealed to the world when the Wall of Power failed in 553 AF, their life energy secretly being drained away by the Magisterion via proxy. A band of adventurers were exploring the newly accessible jungle when Arafaile, a priestess of the Tsol'dasi Cabal of Life, encountered them and recruited their help in solving the mystery of the ailing crownwood Trees. After the undead menace was rebuffed and the Two Trees saved, the king of Istarion addressed the heroes and spoke of Istarion's debt for their service before calling for an end to the tree city's period of isolation.


Istarion is inhabited by Tsol'dasi of all ages and occupations, including the following named denizens.


Flora and Fauna

Star-shaped ferns thrive amid the living bridges of Istarion, and liana vines tangle themselves throughout the jungle canopy. Blue-crowned ifrits can be found darting through the treetops, while a spider warren is breeding grounds for the sword, watch, and whisper spiders utilised by the Tsol'dasi as offensive mounts.