Khulia River

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The Khulia River flows through the island of Shala-Khulia. The source of this tropical river is a large crack that runs up the side of a cliff to the north, from which a steady stream of water emerges. It pools neatly and then flows southward, becoming a river in the process. The rainforest closes in from both sides of the river, preventing escape from the cool, clear waters. The riverbed, consisting of gravelly sand, is difficult to trudge through.

The river gradually rushes into roaring rapids that drown out all nearby noises. This torrent of water creates enormous sinkholes that suck the surrounding water in, then spit it back out, spraying jets of water into the air. As the river continues its rampage downstream, it eventually decelerates, finally emptying out into the ocean. Much like the river, the rainforest continues all the way to the beaches' edge, leaving little room for entry and exploration.

Some of the animals that inhabit this river include the discus fish, which is so narrow that, when it turns sideways, it is nearly impossible to see; the advantage of this trait is that the fish is able to easily escape predators by hiding in the underwater cracks and crevices. It is also yellow, with white stripes and orange spots covering on its body.

The Khulian fish owl is often seen flying above the river.