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Discovered in the year 360 AF by Evadne Ebonheart, the northern evergreen forest of Rheodad occupies the southwestern corner of the expansive Ishana Peninsula. Its climate is one of the frigid north tempered by passing ocean currents and the soaring spruces, tamaracks, firs, and birches that grow within. It sits at roughly the same latitude as the Darkenwood, though separated from it by an expansive gulf of the Sapphire Sea, and is bounded on the north by the mountain range that surrounds both the Saoghal Valley and the dwarven village of Inbhir Ness.

Rheodad is more rugged a forest than most, given its secluded nature. Falling trees are a common threat, and the jagged cliffs upon which it sits are perilous indeed. However, despite the raw, untamed nature of the environment, a thriving ecosystem is in place here. Hares, cormorants, otters, sandpipers, and lynx all make their home here, as well as large clouds of mosquitoes. More threatening, perhaps, is the geryas, a scaly reptile with an elongated neck and flippers that dwells in the caverns at the foot of the cliffs surrounding the forest. The woodsman Theron, a man who is almost as dangerous as the geryas if not moreso, resides within Rheodad with his wolves, as does the ghostly Teresa.

Rheodad is also where the Ashtani polemarch Amphites was laid to rest with his shipwrecked crew after their trireme struck a small rocky island off the beach nearby. Rumour has it that the forest's fate is linked to the rainforest isle of Shala-Khulia by way of a strange and ancient curse.