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This page is about the king. For other uses, please see Martin (disambiguation).

King Martin the Wise served as the reigning monarch of Ashtan during the third cycle of the Ashtan-Shallam Wars (c. 1000 BF).

At the outset of the third cycle of the war, King Martin was approached by a Prelate named Aquinas, who convinced him to call off his naval assault of Shallam by citing the probable consequences of another massive war. King Martin also oversaw the Shala-Khulia colonisation efforts of the period, exercising direct control over Polemarch Amphites.

The district of Ashtan known as "Martin's Sorrow" is named after King Martin, for according to legend, he looked over the populace therein and wept at their suffering.

King Martin is also lesser known for his colonising of the distant isle of Shala-Khulia.