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Da'an, the former Shala-Khulia Chieftain, lead the people of his jungle island. Bearing the bright paint and colourful head dressings characteristic of an island leader, the only mark on his otherwise perfect face is a large scar across his left eye.

From 490 AF—507 AF, Shala-Khulia was host to a series of devastating battles between Oakstone and Mhaldor that came to be known as the Crimson Wars. The resulting rebellions led to the overthrow of Chieftain Da'an, a coup headed by the rebel leader Tu'liak on Phaestian 4, 491 AF. Tu'liak was crowned as the new head of the City of Shala-Khulia. Immediately following these events, the incarcerated Da'an was sacrificed atop the Khulian temple.