Gemstone vials of Moghedu

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Gemstone vials of Moghedu is a shop on the first level of Moghedu that sells artefact vials, artefact pipes, and a few other key items, all in exchange for credits only.

Artefact Price
a clay flowerpot 200cr
an ornately carved ivory pipe 50cr
a long, elegant ebony pipe 50cr
a polished marble pipe 50cr
a wyrmskin pack 100cr
a dragonskin quiver 100cr
an elegant diamond vial 40cr
a quartz vial 40cr
a glass vial 40cr
a moonstone vial 40cr
a jade vial 40cr
an emerald vial 40cr
a ruby vial 40cr
a sapphire crystal vial 40cr
a peridot vial 40cr
an amethyst vial 40cr
a garnet vial 40cr
an onyx vial 40cr