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The Village of Merrywick
Leader Allior Coyne and Dogo Ooder
Religion Logosmas

The hidden village of Merrywick is home to the ever-jolly HoHoHo Society and the penny-pinching HaHaHa Society, Halfling social organisations which live in a perpetual uneasy truce within neatly separated rows of gingerbread housing. Their differences are econocultural, a simmering struggle for Logosmas supremacy that divides the inhabitants of this otherwise idyllic township.

The snowbound path to Merrywick is revealed via the ice-clad cliffs above Actar only during the Logosmas season. It is difficult to enter the yuletide enclave elsewise; a subtle barrier of holiday time-space magic seems to shield it from everyday incursion.



Merrywick hosts a surprising number of biscuit buildings and businesses, each managed by a proprietor of the rival societies. The prime architectural style is gingerbread, every home, tower, and yard a confectionary construction. Cathedrals anchor either side of the bilateral township, centres of the duelling seasonal spiritualities of Charity and Capitalism. Its shops include:

Flora and Fauna

Merrywick's primary flora and fauna appear to be imported, though it is difficult to determine due to the permanent snowfall that seems to cloak the community. Its hills and valley are dotted by wintry fir and pine, fragrant mistletoe, fresh holly, and other botanical specimens of Logosmastide. Animals include the ever-present domesticated goats of halfling fame and reindeer and the occasional donkey.