Allior Coyne

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Roguish Allior Coyne is presumably the leader of the HaHaHa halfling contingent which occasionally sets up shop in Delos during the Logosmas season. Garbed in crimson and glittering gold, she holds scorn for the altruistic efforts of the HoHoHo Society which threaten to undermine the profits of hark-working halflings everywhere. Allior updates the HaHaHa activity board every month of the Logosmas season, inviting adventurers to take part in the pranks or the general mayhem which the HaHaHa Society endorses after purchasing one of her hats. The econocrat originally hails from the hidden village of Merrywick along with her HoHoHo counterpart, Dogo Ooder.

Allior's Wares

a lush red and gold hat - 100gp
A yard of lush red velvet has been used to craft this festive hat, the rich crimson hue of the material plush and soft. A testament to the skill of the milliner, the adornment tapers to a point high above the head in a gravity-defying display of seasonal triumph. A fluffy band of gold fur skirts the base of the hat, and a bright pom-pom of the same hue adorns the very tip. Hidden somewhere within the bobble is a tiny bell, and a challenging jingle resounds with each movement of the wearer.