Runaway Reindeer Supply Shed

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Runaway Reindeer Supply Shed is a very appropriate name for a stable which sells mounts in the holiday season. Oddly, and quite unfortunately, rather than selling actual reindeer, the HaHaHa Society seems to have adopted the Delosian custom of dressing donkeys up on costumes from previous Logosmas years. The HaHaHa answer to Jousting for Joy, the shack of yuletime arses is managed by the halfling Gergin in Merrywick.


Recalcitrant drizzledeer - 20000gp
Diminutive enough to suit its halfling riders, this sway-backed donkey is covered in a shaggy brown coat, the bristling hairs brushed to some semblance of order across her stout frame. Gleaming in hues of brilliant white against the darker colouring, twin stripes enliven her drab fur in splashes of wintry splendour, a snowy blaze running across her withers dissected by another that runs from tufty mane to irritably flicking tail. Crowned with great, soft, black tipped ears, the jennet's long face is a soft grey and bears a perpetually displeased expression, disgruntled vexation worn with mutinous stubbornness upon her idly chomping snout. Canted at a haphazard angle where they have been bound with lengths of rope, great antlers shorn from some larger creature wobble about atop the nag's head, the ominously tilting tines twined with lengths of red and gold tinsel in an attempt at holiday cheer.