Dogo Ooder

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Jovial Dogo Ooder is presumably the leader of the HoHoHo contingent of halflings which first appeared to the world setting up shop in New Thera during Logosmas in the 6th century. Garbed in elegant green and silver, he awaits adventurers to donate time or presents after they have declared their support by purchasing one of his hats. His HaHaHa counterpart is Allior Coyne. The halfling hails from the hidden village of Merrywick.

Dogo Ooder's Wares

a slouching green and silver hat - 100gp
Comprised of a dense green felt, this cone-shaped hat slouches atop the wearer's head, a series of rumples scrunching the fuzzy fabric. A sparkling silver ribbon has been wound around the base of the hat, the argent decoration matched by the shimmering bobble that adorns the end of the cone. Nestled within the pompom is a miniature bell, its joyous tinkling betraying every move.