Gifts and Greenery

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Gifts and Greenery hosts a maze of raised scenes, replicas of places and people in miniature on exhibit to holiday shoppers. Jolly music wafts artfully through the large-windowed Merrywick shop, inviting visitors to venture closer to view its wares. The establishment is managed by Jammy, the halfling.


Festival handbell - 2000gp
Burnished mahogany forms the handle of this small handbell, every edge polished smooth by a patient, steady hand. A broad hemisphere of bronze expands out from the base, while trailing free from the wood and fluttering within errant, unknown winds are satiny ribbons of emerald and viridian, secured to the device on a ring of gleaming argent in acknowledgement of the promised festive cheer. Affixed to the interior, a small clapper bears the sigil of Merrywick upon its surface: crossed candycane lances in green, silver, red, and gold.
Miniature replica of the Half-Baked Bakery - 4000gp
Rising from an inch-thick base of gingerbread baked to a sturdy rigidity, the bulk and beauty of the Half-Baked Bakery is captured in exquisite miniature. Cookie slabs sculpt meandering walls and a sloped roof with equal artistic flourish, the confectionary construction impeccably precise despite its whimsical makeup. Layered with a heavy hand, white icing glazes the structure in a coating pale as fresh-fallen snow, the tundral vista of the facility reproduced in a sugary sweet mantle.