Jousting for Joy

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Little more than a fortified shed, Jousting for Joy is a shop managed by the halfling Jehni which is crammed wall to wall with a wide array of supplies, harnesses, brushes, and jars of biscuits jumbled together within the cramped confines. None of these are for sale, the stink of wet fur indicates that the interested buyer might find mounts available for purchase for the Logosmas season.


Sturdy snow-white mountain goat - 20000gp
Swaddled within a carefully fluffed embrace, the sturdy frame of this goat boasts long, lightly-crinkled hair the hue of fresh-fallen snow, a wintry mantle of insulating warmth. Amber eyes regard all and sundry with doleful curiosity from either side of a perpetually twitching snout, snuffling with evident fascination at every passing scent. Draped in festive coils from about the twinned jut of stubby horns which crown the beast's head, emerald ribbons sway in vibrant relief against the otherwise pristine pelt in a silent declaration of HoHoHo ownership. Tinkling with their own merry cadence, silver bells bedeck each hoof in a gleam of argent splendour, their joyous chime an ever-present accompaniment to every step or shift.