Snug in the Snow

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Snug in the Snow is a halfling apparel shop located on Wreath Walk in Merrywick. Coat-wearing mannequins inhabit the shop arranged in various postures, showing off their snow-going garb. Its proprietress, Jessi, is also presumably its main supplier, tailoring clothing small enough for a gnome or large enough for a troll.


Set of bell-festooned snowshoes - 3500gp
Taut lengths of silver tinsel form a sturdy net, stretched across a curved frame of flexible wood to create this pair of snowshoes. Intended to fit over other footwear and suitable for even the roughest of tundra terrain, the broad, flat base of the unwieldy objects provides a firm foundation, assuring secure footing in the depths of fresh-fallen snow. Drooping tassels of festive green support myriad tiny silver bells from the tinsel webwork, the bevy of jingling decorations awaiting but the smallest movement to be coaxed into merry song.
Puffy winter jacket - 2400gp
Stuffed near to bursting with layer upon layer of insulating wool, this puffy jacket is sure to keep the wearer warm in even the coldest of climates. Silver cloth bulges and strains under the sheer mass of padding, while a row of buttons in the guise of miniature snowmen march down the front, imbued with the dubious task of attempting to hold closed the rather ungainly garment. Resplendent in verdant hues about the collar, hem, and cuffs, green piping completes the unusual ensemble, the colours of the HoHoHo society apparent even at a glance.
Green and silver wool cap - 1500gp
Fashioned of many strands of green wool woven over and through one another, this snug cap assures comfort and warmth in even the coldest temperatures. Stout earflaps edged in silver thread protrude from either side, a simple string dangling from the end of each providing a means to secure the garment in place beneath the wearer's chin. Bobbling about upon a lengthy tassel, a fluffy ball dangles from the very crown of the festive hat, liable to sway this way and that with even the slightest of motions.
Pair of fur-trimmed mittens - 1600gp
Expertly woven from soft strands of wool dyed to a rich and verdant green, these bulky mittens resemble nothing so much as a glorified pouch for the fingers. Traceries of silver thread twist and twine across both palm and back in intricate patterns reminiscent of drifting snowflakes, the subtle differences between one wintry geometry to the next drawing the eye to complex, wending trails across the protective garment. Acting as decoration and insulation in equal measure, plush fur girds each cuff in a band meant to wrap tightly about the wrist, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit.
Wool Logosmas sweater - 2100gp
High quality yarn forms the body of this snow-white Logosmas sweater, the threads tightly woven to preserve internal warmth. Long sleeves terminate in cuffs bearing green and silver piping, the colours of the HoHoHo society on full display as decoration and declaration in equal measure. Gathered about the snug collar, excess fabric drapes in luxurious folds, ideally placed to shield the neck from biting cold as the need arises.