Sangre Plains

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The Sangre Plains lie between the Prelatorian Highway, Ashtan, the Urubamba River, and the Granite Hills. Known as the "Breadbasket of Sapience" in times past, the Sangre is still agriculturally important today. The village of Petra lies nestled in the western part of these plains, and it is around that village that most of the modern-day farming is done. Not far from Petra, Jotar, the Sangrean shepherd, tends to his wayward flock of sheep with the help of his sheepdog.

The Sangre is also known for the fact that it was a major battleground between the armies of Ashtan and Shallam in the days leading up to the forming of Seleucar. Appropriately, the temple of the God of Combat, Matsuhama, lies within these plains. Along the southeastern border of the Sangre lies a small forest which has grown dense and prevents almost all light from penetrating the canopy. The forest serves as a reminder of the Sangre Plain's violent past, as corpses and decaying heads can be found strewn through the forest, often being consumed by the spiders that reside in the eerily dark forest.