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Grimaldrin, Captain of the Werewolves was, as his name implies, the werewolf who led the guardians of Lupus, Wild God of the Beasts. He was also the Wild God's longtime hunting companion.

Around the Year 610AF, Lupus joined Kastalia on an assault to reclaim Hermes, after Shaitan and Apollyon joined the field in defence of Bal'met. After Kastalia's death at the hands of the Worldreaver, Lupus lunged at Bal'met but was knocked unconscious. Grimaldrin then jumped to try and defend his Lord but was killed by Shaitan, who shattered his ribs and ripped out his heart.

Prior to his death, Grimaldrin could be found within the Temple of the Hunt, an area apart from the Lupine Hunting Grounds where only those who follow Lupus could tread.

Grimaldrin's Wares

a white birch vial
The white wood of this vial has been naturally blanched by the sun. Carved from a piece of white birch, it has been formed into the shape of a wolf howling at the moon. The detail on the wolf's fur and claws is exquisite, and two beads of amber have been set into the vial for its eyes. The moon is edged in gold leaf, shimmering in the light and seeming to cast mottled shadows on the rest of the vial.