Elemental Embassy

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Nestled at the very heart of the Mannamot Tier of the World Tree, for centuries untold did the Elemental Embassy act as a sanctuary for servants of the Air, Fire, Earth, and Water. Caught in the violent throes of Maklak's rage, in the year 758 after the Fall of Seleucar, the structure was blasted to smithereens by the ice wizard, countless priceless artifacts, endless records, treaties, and documents consigned to the annals of memory.

The Elemental Embassy was rebuilt by the prodigious efforts of the tash'la after considerable donations by adventurers of the Prime Material Plane. Having been restored to prominence, and its offices, halls, and atriums as grand and inspiring as they ever were, the Embassy's doors grant access to those wishing to venture into the Elemental Planes.


Other Inhabitants