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Dagon, the Barkeep, manages the Fire and Spice in Ashtan, where he mixes and sells his unique assortment of alcoholic beverages.

Dagon has been a fixture of the restaurant since its grand opening, and it is no surprise, since he certainly looks as if he would be most at home working the bar. Well over six feet tall, with cropped brown hair and piercing blue eyes, Dagon is always polite and often seen carefully wiping the glassware down to shining brightness.

Dagon's Wares

Shallam Slammer - 140gp
Two parts tequila, one part tonic water and 8 drops of tabasco sauce, this shot has been named the "Shallam Slammer". Covered with a cloth and pounded on a flat surface, this shot must be downed before the foam spills over the edges of the vibrant glass it is served in.
Screaming Banshee - 140gp
One and a half ounces of cinnamon liquor and a quarter ounce of blue curacao served up in a clear purple shot glass. Affectionately called in some circles a "Screaming Banshee".
Blue Wave - 140gp
Half an ounce of vodka, half an ounce of blue curacao and two drops of whiskey, served in an attractive blue shot glass.
Deep Green - 140gp
Half apple liquor and half blue curacao, this shot is served in an iced glass with foam, symbolizing the realm of the Ocean God.
Electric Demiurge - 140gp
Half an ounce of whiskey, half an ounce of cinnamon liquor, a third of an ounce of mint liquor, and a third of an ounce of a special Ashtan fruity herbal liquor, this shot is served up in an iridescent shot glass. Its name comes from the electricity of the bitter flavours congealing on the palate.
Hurricane Cyrene - 140gp
One ounce of dark rum, one ounce of passion fruit juice, a half ounce of grenadine and a half ounce of orange juice, served in a bright yellow shot glass. A fruity and tropical shot.
Veiled Impression - 140gp
Sparkling bubbles dance along the surface of a startlingly clear, effervescent liquid, images seeming to form in the wake of their bursts. A heady, spicy aroma reminiscent of mint and cinnamon rises from the potent brew, inducing a mouth-watering desire to see beyond the Veil.
Bittersweet Vengeance - 140gp
Cool blue Curacao and fiery red Alchermes form this unique and satisfying cocktail. Skilfully layered in a squat glass snifter, the deep scarlet on top fades into a rich purple band, and then out to a brilliant blue upon the bottom. The entire drink shimmers like hypnotic, dancing flames in even the slightest light, beckoning all to take a taste of Vengeance.
Selene Dream - 140gp
One ounce of sloe gin, half an ounce of tonic water, and a few drops cherry juice are served in a lightly tinted pink shot glass, with a slice of passion fruit on the side.
Golden Apple - 140gp
So named for the Goddess of Chaos, Eris, and her fondness for Golden Apples, this shot is named in Her Honour. Three parts cinnamon liquor and one part sour apple liqour, served in a golden shot glass.
Dark Dream - 140gp
One eighth of an ounce of milk, one eighth of an ounce of cinnamon liquor and three quarters of an ounce of chocolate liqour, this shot is called the "Dark Dream" for its rich brown colour. It's served in a black shot glass.
Drunken Dwarf - 140gp
Two thirds of an ounce of creme de cacao, two thirds of an ounce of anise flavoured liquor and two thirds of an ounce of whiskey. Served in a copper-coloured shot glass.
Death's Door - 140gp
One third licorice liquor, one-third kawhe and one-third dark mead, served in a solid black shot glass. This killer drink is not for the casual drinker.
Marbled Mischief - 140gp
This attractive drink is three tiered. The first layer is creme de cocoa, the second creme de menthe, and the third layer is sweetened milk. It is served in a dribble glass.
Volcanic Eruption - 140gp
This shot is one part vodka and two parts pomegranate juice. It is served in a marbled onyx and ivory shot glass.
Weaver's Brew - 140gp
This simple, but effective shot, is half mead and half whiskey. It is served in a shot glass with a wicker cover.
Blood Lust - 140gp
Created for Matsuhama, God of Battle; this shot is pure whiskey with three drops of blood from a wild boar added for colour. It is served in a cold metal shot glass.
Crawling Chaos - 140gp
Contained within a tenebrous cocktail glass, this decadent drink is not for the faint of heart. Acid-green absinthe rollicks in the throes of a ghostly louche, submerged by an oily layer of pineal fluid. The iridescent sheen that coats the surface of the taboo libation is disturbed by the slithering of a plump, white maggot, the disgusting creature all but invisible where it rolls helplessly in the base of the glass.
Smouldering Strife - 140gp
Layered within a soot-hued shot glass, glistening flakes of gold float serenely within a base of cinnamon liqueur. Dark and light rum have been generously poured on top, filling the small vessel to brimming and enhancing the pungent, burning aroma that emanates from the concoction. The glass is noticeably warm to the touch.
Te'serran Temple - 250gp
A candy-pink concoction clings to the interior of this cocktail glass, its sticky, saccharine scent surprisingly devoid of alcohol. Though translucent, the vessel itself has been glazed to shimmer with an aurulent lustre, loaning an appearance to the glass that is far too mature for the juvenile drink contained within. A single, soggy cherry sits sullenly at the bottom.
Glass tumbler - 210gp
This stout, clear glass tumbler features delicate etching on its side - an intricate depiction of Ashtan as it would appear to one standing before the great Pillars of Ashtan.