Pillars landmark

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Located within the Siroccian Mountains, the pillars landmark originally shifted between the aspect of the Pillars of Maya and Dameron's Fist. The Pillars of Maya consisted of a ring of pillars circling a statue of the Mother of Humanity, while the necromantic aspect was a singular column shaped in the form of a fist grasping up in defiance of the Heavens. Those seeking to sway the aspect of the landmark would either pray to Maya or Dameron, remaining still with pious concentration as they sought to influence it. The alignment that showed the most dedication by praying the longest gained control over the landmark's aspect.

When Sartan stripped the Occultists of their Necromancy, He also exerted His own name over the landmark, renaming the necromantic aspect as Sartan's Fist, which now required prayers to be done in His name. During the Reflection Incident, the landmark crumbled after the failed ritual conducted by the Conclave and eventually turned to dust as the last of the energy held within it was surrendered to create the Goddess Makali in what became known as the Birth of Destruction.