Sphinx landmark

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The sphinx landmark was formed from a large deposit of matter from the fallen star Ethian that had landed within the Mhojave Desert. Taking the shape of a crystalline megalith with the body of a lion and the head of a human, the Sphinx was unique among even the enigmatic landmarks. The Sphinx was sentient and remained aloof throughout most of the year but became interested in small slips of paper bearing riddles during the time of Ethian's Crossing. Adventurers found they could influence the beast's alignment when it deigned to pay attention to them because of the notes. The tinge the beast's crystal body took determined its attunement; when it was red, it was known as the Ruby Sphinx and generated life essence for Necromancy, and when it was blue, the Sapphire Sphinx would generate devotion for the skill of the same name. Another odd note about the sphinx was that it disliked the conversion required to change aspects, lashing out at those who would try to convert it to the aspect it was not presently in.

The corruption of energy caused by the failed experiment conducted by the Conclave revealed another difference between it and the other landmarks: the Sphinx was mobile. Rampaging across the desert during the Reflection Incident, the beast was finally put down and reduced to the rubble by Blaise Mercadia and Proficy. Years later, the pile of shattered crystal would be consumed to create the Lady Makali in what became known as the Birth of Destruction.