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Located along the banks of the Pachacacha River slightly southeast of where the river fords the Great Southern Road, the valley landmark sat tucked away between the rolling Dakhota Hills. Like the other landmarks, the valley was the focal point for the local energies fallen from the dead star Ethian. Once a year during Ethian's Crossing in Sarapin, the valley could be influenced and the energies swayed towards either generating devotion or life essence. To influence the valley's alignment, small pieces of light and dark essence would need to be gathered and deposited within the valley. When more light essence was gathered, the valley became known as the Radiant Valley, bright and lively with healthy vegetation; when dark essence outnumbered the light, the Valley of the Shadow came into being, shrouded in a dark pall that wilted plants and left the valley dismal.

The valley became defunct with the other landmarks after the failed experiment by the Conclave resulted in the Reflection Incident. Remaining dormant for the years to follow, the valley finally surrendered its latent power during the Birth of Destruction to give rise to the Lady Makali.