Reflection Incident

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The Reflection Incident began on the 12th of Ero of the year 342. The wizards Hycanthus, Haag, and Maklak gathered together and began to cast a spell upon the Angel Mirror on Polyargos. The intricate casting became disrupted when the adventurers Koralin, Landon, and Diminish slew the three wizards. The shockwave from the ruined spell affected each of the Landmarks. (All were altered in some way, most becoming defunct while the Sphinx terrorized the Mhojave.) The mirror itself began to spew forth reflections of adventurers within the realms, duplicate in appearance and skill but vacant of each adventurer's personality. Quickly becoming violent, the reflections began to rampage across the continent, reappearing shortly after being killed and causing a never-ending tide of death and destruction. The wizards, later revealed as the Conclave, attempted to reconvene to rectify the awry spell. The occultist Maim de Vermiis became involved and attempted to halt their progress, slaying Hycanthus and Haag before they could meet with Maklak. O'ising revealed himself to be the fourth member of clandestine group and joined Maklak at the Angel Mirror once Maim had been dealt with by Blaise and Proficy. Through their combined efforts and those of a large group of Achaean adventurers, the mirror was sealed and the reflections faded back from whence they came.