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The mirror landmark was a placid reflecting pool that served as the focal point for the largest piece of mass to have fallen from Ethian: the entire island of Polyargos. During Ethian's Crossing, the reflective surface of the lake would determine to whom the energies of the island would be directed. Black and white lilies found in the Aalen Forest could be placed upon the surface of the lake, and the majority colour would determine the attunement. Black lilies dominating the pool would turn it into the Demon Mirror and the island would generate life essence, while white lilies would shift it to the Angel Mirror and to devotion generation.

The failed ritual of the Conclave was held at the mirror landmark, attempting to tap into the power underlying the landmarks. When the wizards conducting the experiment were slain, the resultant backlash corrupted all the landmarks via this tie. Reflected images of adventurers poured forth from the mirror, and the event became known as the Reflection Incident. Only through the combined efforts of the Conclave and adventurers from around the realm were they able to stem the tide of reflections and force the remaining landmarks into dormancy. Years later, the ritual would be attempted again and the landmarks would be destroyed to create the Goddess Makali in what became known as the Birth of Destruction.