Birth of Destruction

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In 360 AF, nearly 20 years after the failed experiment by the Conclave which resulted in the Reflection Incident, a small sisterhood of witch-priestesses were directed by the Conclave's mastermind to repeat the ritual and later brought about the Birth of Destruction. The original ritualists, Maklak, Haag, and Hycanthus, were slain, their hearts used to break a seal they had placed on the landmarks in an effort to halt what they felt was a mad scheme. However, the witch-priestesses succeeded with the willing sacrifice of one of their own. Each of the landmarks was destroyed, their collective energies offered to the will of the Conclave's leader, Yudhishthira. Weaving the massive energies from his former home Ethian, the large dragon succeeded and the Goddess Makali, the dancer of Destruction's spiral, was born.