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The eleven forest spirits were the visible sentience of the forests they resided in. As such, when their forest felt pain, they felt it as well. Though they appeared ghost-like and weak, they were unkillable.

When Gaia dispersed Her essence to the forests and disappeared from the realms in the year 306 AF, nine spirits emerged to care for the forests in Her stead: Calliope in the Aureliana, Clio in the Western Ithmia, Erato in the Eastern Ithmia, Euterpe in the Northreach, Melpomene in the Black Forest, Polyhymnia in the forests of Ulangi, Terpsichore in the Aalen, Thalia in the Northern Ithmia and Urania in the Darkenwood.

Two more spirits later joined these nine sisters: Eupheme, spirit of the Aerinewild, and Propasia, whose forest was lost when Cyrene was built.

During the Eternal Night, all the forest spirits were merged with the eldest tree of their forest, along with the forest's essence, in order to keep the forests alive while darkness reigned across the land.

Propasia later ascended to become Artemis, Goddess of the Cataclysm, and the other forest spirits returned to their usual forms.

The forest spirits celebrated when Gaia was restored through the collective will of Nature in 614 AF. In 669 AF, the Earthmother discharged the guardian spirits from their centuries-long duty, allowing them to fade and become whole once more with Nature.

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