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The Aalen Forest was first discovered in modern times by Haidion, the Wanderer. It is a massive forest of colossal redwoods nestled below the Western Vashnar mountain range and the more recently discovered Thraasi Foothills. In the centre of the forest lies the racial home of the Tsol'aa, a village of tree houses, built right into the trunks of large redwoods. To the southwest of the forest lies the Muurn River Valley, where adventurers can purchase ferry rides to the islands of the Sefyric Ocean. The forest is bordered on all other sides by the treacherous Vashnars, with only one known path that leads over the mountains. A small stream makes its way through the trees just south of the Tsol'aa village, and a small Shrine of the Hunt can be found in the northern trees.

A variety of animals make their home in the forest, including rabbits, foxes, mighty grizzlies, tiny fairies, and the feared basilisks. Additionally, two unique species of butterfly, the funereal duskywing and the morning cloak, make their homes here, remnants of the days of Landmarking. Dancing among the wildlife, deeply connected to the essence of the forest itself, is Terpsichore, Spirit of the Aalen.

Outside of the village, few people inhabit this forest. Ranthal, a Druid, wanders beneath the redwoods, and Tremayn forages for food for his people. A small shack can be found in the northeast corner, where Furze and his wife, Sherily, make their home. Furze is often at odds with the Tsol'aa, because of his desire to cut down the trees for lumber. The forest's small Mitran chapel, once home to the priest Ti'lanen, was destroyed by dream-prophesied lava in 480 AF.

Hidden behind a curtain of water is the recently discovered Saiha'balan Grotto, an eerie home to a small cult of the Tsol'aa.