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Once a forest spirit deep in the southern Vashnars, Propasia lost her forest with the building of Cyrene. She appeared in the city in 326 AF during a search for an artefact that would heal the ailing Darkenwood, giving clues to its location. Later, in a ritual performed by the Oracle of Demeter, she merged with her sister Urania to strengthen the forest and drive out the evil that plagued it.

Later, in Miraman 437 AF, a large series of cataclysms ravaged the land. The forest spirits gathered in the Temple of Gaia, near what was once the Great Oak, and began to chant. The chant awoke a seed planted after the destruction of the Great Oak, which quickly grew into a young yew tree. Propasia merged with the tree, and a bolt of lightning came from the heavens to split the tree down the middle.

From the smoldering remains rose a woman, not Propasia, clad only in vines. Thus Propasia was reborn as Artemis, Goddess of the Cataclysm.